Я узнал, что у меня
Нет в России ни хрена:
Нету нефти, нету газа,
Нету золота, алмазов,
Нет свободы, правды нет,
Под угрозой интернет.
Нет дорог и автобанов,
Инноваций нету нано.
Нет науки, школы нет,
Медицине шлю привет.
Все украли у меня
Вова и его друзья…

Sick. Day 2

Today i felt myself so bad that while i was sleeping my wife took daughter to kindergarten. It’s unbelievable because I  do this always.

My friend called to me and invited me to Pechersk for snowboarding. Unfortunately I had to refuse him.

Yana called to me and said that when she (they) with Ulyana was (were) to gymnastic classes TV shooted them at the camera.

Monday Minsk

Today i had to go to Minsk for approve my diplom but i didn’t it due to I caught a flu. It is terrible because I was hoping to do all my homework by English while i was in the train.


Today, when I was in English classes, my old client called me and ask to solve one issue. He lives in a village near Mogilev, and I worried that the road will be covered with snow. But that drive was fun. Around my car were just dark, forest, and fields of snow worry about shovel which I forgot home. After that I picked up my wife and daughter from Hippo and when we came home we ate delicious pizza.


I created domain http://waze.myds.pro to attract people to use Waze. I hope it will be useful for people who leave and will live in my hometown.



Why people lie about their salary? Vladimir said that every day that he is here he is losing 2800 RUB. It‘s lie. Since he has a very cheap mobile phone and he is plaining to stay here full time… It’s 10 days. It’s about five hundred US dollars. It is unbelievable. The previous man who lay with a broken jaw said that he was staying in hospital with out a sick list and after 5 days he asked to  go home. He is a real man.