February 23

Ulyana has a flu and we are at home together. She is playing with her toys and fighting with the cats. It looks good, but I can’t work or do something productively since any time she can come up to me to ask something or to play.

I planned to start sales on March 1, but I’m afraid I didn’t foresee many things. I’m trying to figure it all out on my own and it takes a lot more time than I thought. For example, installation and setup of the Zabbix took me around 10 hours instead of 1 hour. Now I have to work or study English until late night.

Minsk Day 2

When I was waiting for the tram a stranger came up to me and started asking idiotic questions. Bad smelling people frequently come to me to beg for money. May be it happens because I’m fat? May be they think that fat people are kind:) All of them start with the same phrase so I spot them immediately. This guy was well dressed, he had a bag in his hand. Despite all these attributes of “luxury” I understood his aim in the long run. And I started to talk with him about God 🙂 It always works! Smart people think that I’m stupid, stupid people just get afraid. That man was no exception.

He was travelling in my tram, and all the time talked with different passengers.

Sick. Day 2

Today i felt myself so bad that while i was sleeping my wife took daughter to kindergarten. It’s unbelievable because I  do this always.

My friend called to me and invited me to Pechersk for snowboarding. Unfortunately I had to refuse him.

Yana called to me and said that when she (they) with Ulyana was (were) to gymnastic classes TV shooted them at the camera.

Monday Minsk

Today i had to go to Minsk for approve my diplom but i didn’t it due to I caught a flu. It is terrible because I was hoping to do all my homework by English while i was in the train.


Today, when I was in English classes, my old client called me and ask to solve one issue. He lives in a village near Mogilev, and I worried that the road will be covered with snow. But that drive was fun. Around my car were just dark, forest, and fields of snow worry about shovel which I forgot home. After that I picked up my wife and daughter from Hippo and when we came home we ate delicious pizza.


I created domain http://waze.myds.pro to attract people to use Waze. I hope it will be useful for people who leave and will live in my hometown.